SOCAR Polymer joins in the Baku marathon

In 2017, SOCAR continued its tradition of both supporting and actively participating in Baku marathons – the modern sporting events organized at the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, with the support of the Seaside Boulevard Office and the Baku Olympics Stadium. SOCAR Polymer staff members were highly encouraged by the company management to participate in such an energizing sportive event, with a truly inspiring example set by the General Manager, Farid Jafarov. On a Sunday morning of April 30th, both office and site employees of SOCAR Polymer assembled at the National Flag Square.

Determined to overcome every challenge, the most persistent runners, namely, Farid Jafarov, Guy Lombarts, Elizabeth Viellerobe, Fidan Huseynova, Gabil Mikayilov, Tariyel Bagishov, James Chau, Tarlan Abiyev, Samir Javadov and Matin Huseynli, made it to the finish line. Meanwhile, it is not winning but taking part that counts! So, we are proud of all our colleagues who dared to face their share of challenge by joining in the Baku Marathon-2017.

The run started at 10:00, with a maximum of 4.5 hours set for runners to cover the 21-km distance from the National Flag Square to the finish line at the Baku Olympic Stadium. For the length of its route, BakuMarathon-2017 can be referred to as a half-marathon.