The perspectives of cooperation between SOCAR Polymer and entrepreneurs

Following the public event with entrepreneurs, where the business opportunities created by polymer production in Azerbaijan were broadly discussed, some companies demonstrated genuine interest in the topic. Thus, in particular, a representative of the Karvan-L company got in touch with the General Manager of SOCAR Polymer Farid Jafarov and visited him in the company office to further discuss cooperation possibilities.
On 20 April 2017, a national television channel invited the senior representatives of SOCAR Polymer, Carbamid plant, Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP), and KARVAN-L company to publicize the exchange of opinions on the topics of Azerbaijan industry development and potential establishment of new local businesses in the favourable conditions created by industrial parks and its residents. 
Commenting on the favourability of conditions for doing business in Azerbaijan, the head of the Karvan-L company, Abulfaz Gafarov emphasized the positive influence of reforms, international forums and support given to exporters. Having operated in Azerbaijan for quite a long time, the Karvan-L science & production company is now exporting to 30 world countries, the list of which includes CIS, Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Japan and even the largest exporter on earth – China. Mr.Gafarov emphasized the challenges of entering international market competition. 

He stressed the positive outcome and significance of the event held on April 14 with the participation of local entrepreneurs, where they were broadly informed about the opportunities offered by the production facilities in SCIP, including the SOCAR Polymer plant. On the basis of the obtained information, the design-, process- and cost-engineers of the Karvan-L company started developing new business projects targeted at local production and export of consumer goods. Mr.Gafarov expressed his hopes for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation, as well as deep satisfaction with the outcomes of his meeting with Farid Jafarov. 

Mr.Jafarov, in his turn, once again invited entrepreneurs to present their project proposals and expressed readiness to support new production startups with long-term feedstock supply and consultations regarding overall technical, engineering or financial issues, such as financial planning of the project and seeking of bank support. F.Jafarov mentioned that some plastic good producers have already started getting in touch with SOCAR Polymer and the prices shall be negotiated based on the type of the requested polymer product, given a long-term contract. 
The Deputy Director of the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park, Zaur Mammadov reiterated that SOCAR Polymer will produce polymers under different specifications, thus, enabling production of various sorts of goods from feedstock polymers. He mentioned that SCIP, too, was receiving inquiries from entrepreneurs and manufacturers, including foreign companies. Local companies could use the feedstock polymers to produce goods for sale both on the domestic and foreign markets, he said. Mr.Mammadov also emphasized that on the basis of SOCAR Polymer’s products alone, an average of 30 new small- or medium-size companies could be established, and that SCIP provides favourable conditions for such multiplication, planning to further intensify the process of interaction with potential startups. He suggested that the Ministry of Economy, SOCAR, SOCAR Polymer and SCIP unite efforts to develop project schemes that could then be ‘showcased’ as readily available startup ideas and roadmaps for potential partners.
Commenting on the development of the chemical branch of economy, Mr.Jafarov also underlined the benefits to the population in terms of employment opportunities. Statistical analysis shows that production of every 100 tonnes of oil requires, roughly speaking, employment of 2 people, and this number rises to 10 people in the process of turning ethylene into polymer pellets; whereas production of consumer goods from pellets requires employment of 50 people per 1,000 tonnes, thus, making this last stage of the production chain the most productive in terms of creating new jobs, Mr.Jafarov said. 

The full-length video of the above television broadcast intended to disseminate information about the current development trends of the chemical industry, is available for view at SOCAR Polymer’s youtube channel: