Mass Media representatives visited SOCAR Polymer’s construction site

At the meeting held with the Cabinet of Ministers for discussing the outcomes of the country's socio-economic development in the first quarter of 2017, President Ilham Aliyev positively assessed the progress of SOCAR projects implemented in Sumgayit and gave his recommendations to entrepreneurs. On 13 April 2017, a media-tour to the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park was arranged for a group of journalists consisting of representatives of several leading media in order to familiarize them with the progress achieved under the given projects including the SOCAR Polymer project.

In his interview to the journalists, the Deputy Director of the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park Zaur Mammadov pointed out that within the short period of time since its foundation in 2011 the Park has made a few record achievements. For instance, about 10 companies including SOCAR Polymer have received the status of the Park’s residents, with investment totalling 1.2 billion US dollars which is a record mark for the given region. “Overall, SOCAR Polymer is the largest project at SCIP”, Z.Mamedov said. 

Upon arrival, the mass-media representatives first visited Azerikimya PU's ethylene-propylene production facility and obtained detailed information on the progress of the modernization and renovation works. 
Further on, the media representatives visited the plants constructed under the SOCAR Polymer project in the territory of SCIP. It was stated that 60% of the project works had already been completed. More than 2600 people have been engaged in the construction works. 50% of the construction works for the polypropylene plant have been completed. This includes the installation of equipment, piping works, reinforced concrete and electrical works, and the works for the erection of steel structures. As for the HDPE production plant, the reinforced concrete works, metal structure installation and piping works are duly under way. In an interview given to the visiting journalists, the General Manager of SOCAR Polymer, Farid Jafarov stated that polypropylene to be produced at these plants could be used in many areas including the manufacture of medical supplies and different products of the light industry, while the polyethylene could become a feedstock for the manufacture of plastic pipes and various grades of plastic. The fact that the LyondellBasell and Ineos companies are the licensors of the SOCAR Polymer project is a guarantee that the manufactured products will meet the highest international standards.
The journalists then visited the carbamide plant with the production capacity of about 650-660 thousand tonnes a year. 

At the end of the media-tour, the journalists were apprised that the products to be manufactured at the facilities of the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park would not only meet the needs of the domestic market, but also be exported under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand name.