Entrepreneurs get an insight into the opportunities presented by SOCAR Polymer

In accordance with the task given by the President Ilham Aliyev at the Ministerial Cabinet meeting, the Ministry of Economy, SOCAR and SCIP in collaboration with the SOCAR Polymer company arranged a meeting with entrepreneurs. The business meeting designed to inform entrepreneurs of the opportunities that SOCAR Polymer’s future products present for various production fields of our country took place in the Baku Business Center’s Conference Hall on 14 April 2017. Along with the representatives of relevant government entities, the event was attended by mass-media representatives and over 50 businessmen. 

The Minister of Economy, Shahin Mustafayev who delivered an opening speech spoke about the work targeted at diversifying the country's economy and increasing the export potential by replacing imports with local production. Having pointed out that the Head of state is keeping the SOCAR Polymer project’s implementation progress constantly in view, the minister described it as one of the largest projects of the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park and underlined its significance to our country. SOCAR Polymer’s Polypropylene (PP) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) products will not only boost exports, but also stimulate production at local enterprises by providing small and medium-size entrepreneurs with raw materials and giving impetus to their development. As a result, hundreds of product types currently imported to Azerbaijan will start to be manufactured domestically. It was underlined that to fulfil the President's task, it is necessary to organize broad propaganda among entrepreneurs to make them more knowledgeable about SOCAR Polymer products and to trigger establishment of new plants and factories that will put polymers to use. 

Speaking of the significance of the SOCAR Polymer project, the president of SOCAR, Rovnag Abdullayev emphasized that the activity of this enterprise will also give impetus to the development of other industrial sectors of the country. Having emphasized SOCAR Polymer’s potential influence on the development of entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan through involvement of private companies, Mr.Abdullayev also spoke of the good opportunities for local companies to turn PP and HDPE into various consumer goods. It was stressed that providing local enterprises with raw materials, SOCAR Polymer will become one of the largest leading enterprises in the non-oil sector and will give an additional impetus to the strengthening of the export potential. 

Giving a presentation, SOCAR Polymer’s General Manager Farid Jafarov presented comprehensive information on the kinds of products that could be manufactured from polymers offered by the company. Farid Jafarov noted that samples of such consumer goods could be viewed at the exhibiting stand set up at the entrance to the conference hall. He invited entrepreneurs to cooperation towards establishment of new enterprises that would use polymers as raw materials.

The presentations were followed with discussions about ways of applying SOCAR Polymer’s products in subsequent production, and entrepreneurs’ questions were answered. Also, at this event, the STDC LLC company was solemnly presented with a registration certificate making it the 10th resident of the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park.