Ascent to the Heydar Aliyev mountain peak

On the occasion of the 94th birthday anniversary of the great national leader Heydar Aliyev, 11 employees of the SOCAR Polymer company successfully participated in the ascent to the Heydar Aliyev mountain peak located 3751 m above the sea level, in the Shahdag National Park, within the Ghizil Gaya section of the Bashdag mountain range of the Great Caucasus.
SOCAR Polymer’s sportive employees had well prepared for this ascent organized by the Association of Azerbaijan Extreme Sports Federation (FAIREX) and Azerbaijan Mountaineering Extreme Sports Federation. On April 9 and 23 they had made test ascents to the peaks of the Beshbarmag mountain and Charaggaya cliff in the Baku- Guba direction in order to try their strength and develop essential skills and habits.
Our group of mountain climbers left the Baku city on May 7 to conquer the Heydar Aliyev summit, with mountain guides who accompanied the ascenders along the route predetermined by the Organisational Committee established in the Shahdag National Park by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR). The ascenders covered on foot a total of approximately 20 km from the 1st camp in 4 kilometers’ distance from Khinalig settlement (approx. 2200 m above sea level) to the Heydar Aliyev peak and back. Despite the unstable weather conditions in the Shahdag area, our high-spirited team overcame such challenges as snow, rain, slippery ice and shifty gravel, burning sunrays and fatigue to realize the power and significance of unity and team efforts. With the Azerbaijan National Flag, SOCAR Polymer, SOCAR GPC and Fluor’s flags raised at the peak of the mountain, the proud ascenders commemorated the great politician and distinguished leader, Heydar Aliyev.
SOCAR Polymer’s summit conquerors are Elshan Garayev, Elizabeth Lombarts, Famil Mammadov, Gabil Mikayilov, Guy Lombarts, James Chau, Javid Jafarov, Khalil Hasanov, Mansur Atakishiyev, Samir Javadov and Tariyel Bagishov.
It is worthy of note that the number of people participating in this initiative has grown considerably in recent years, turning the event into a good annual tradition. This year, about 600 local and foreign, professional and amateur sportsmen from different districts, ministries, organisations, companies and entities of the republic have joined in this event. The Azerbaijan Air and Extreme Sports Federation was in charge of ensuring the safety of and providing instructions to the ascenders.
The successful ascent of our colleagues was celebrated in SOCAR Polymer’s Baku office as the General Manager of the company Farid Jafarov presented medals to the happy and proud awardees.