Pipes made from SOCAR Polymer’s PE100 grade passed laboratory tests in Russia

SOCAR Polymer's HM0359PE grade of HDPE passed laboratory tests carried out by "Polyplastic Group" at the laboratory of the "AND GazTrubPlast" plant for evaluating long-term hydrostatic strength of pipe samples by the extrapolation method. The results of the tests carried out throughout 2020-2021 on pipe samples provided by the Klimovsk Pipe Plant (owned by "Polyplastic Group") show that, according to GOST R 54866-2011 and GOST ISO 12162(2017), the given HDPE grade is classified as PE100, as the lower confidence boundary of its estimated hydrostatic strength equals 10.681 MPa. The HM0359PE grade of polyethylene possesses minimum required strength (MRS) of 10 MPa and its classification number is 100.

“Polyplastic Group” is the largest in CIS producer of polymer piping systems for outdoor water and sewerage networks, gas distribution, hot water supply, and heating. The Group comprises about 27 plants located in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, with total production capacity of about 600 KTA. Exporting to over 50 world countries, the company possesses four accredited laboratories and a scientific research institute.

Polyethylene PE100 is a high-strength HDPE grade processed to manufacture products undergoing various excessive loads, such as pressure pipes for various applications (for water, gas, sewerage, etc.), fittings and valves for assembly of pipelines, chemically inert airducts and air suction units, technical equipment assembly fittings, etc.

According to a report on imports and exports, SOCAR Polymer’s polyolefin export rate has grown over the nine months of 2021 by 2.4 times as compared to last year and totaled 83.3 thousand tons.