SOCAR Polymer rated second republic-wise

In the June issue of its “Export Review”, the Centre for Economic Reform Analysis and Communication (CERAC) rated SOCAR Polymer, with $79 mln USD of non-oil export income over January-May, second republic-wise after SOCAR’s Marketing & Economic Operations Office. SOCAR Polymer’s income is reported to have been 14.7 USD in January, 15.2 in February, 18.3 in March, 19 in April, and 11.8 in May, which is by 27.2 mln USD more than in January-May of 2020 (51.8 mln USD).

CERAC’s “Export Review” has been regularly published since April 2017.

CERAC’s objectives are:

• to prepare mid- and long-term forecasts to ensure sustainable economic development of the country

• to provide government authorities and agencies with reports and forecasts

• to organize promotion of the achievements made by the Republic of Azerbaijan in various sectors of economy