SOCAR Polymer presented a film in memory of shehid Azad Bakirli

On Commemoration Day, September 27, instituted by order of the Azerbaijan Republic’s President on December 2 the memory of Patriotic War heroes was honoured by a minute of silence at noon.

What a coincidence that the same date is the birthday of Azad Bakirli, SOCAR Polymer’s employee who died in the war. Azad would turn 29 this year. The memory of Azad Bakirli who joined the SOCAR Polymer family in 2017 will always live in the hearts of his colleagues. Upon the company’s initiative, to perpetuate the memory of Azad Bakirli, a memorial board was erected in the Sumgayit site office, and a film was shot as a collection of memories of people who had known him at different stages of his life. On the date of the Azad Bakirli’s birth, the film was presented to his family. It can be viewed at