SOCAR Polymer rates highest among Azerbaijan’s non-state non-oil exporters

1 December 2020


Referring to the August issue of the Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication’s “Export Review”, SOCAR Polymer is leading among the top ten non-state exporters in Azerbaijan’s non-oil sector.

Other high-ranking companies in this rating are Land Logistic LLC, Representative office of Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited, MKT Cotton LLC, Fruit Store LLC, Global Trade Group LLC, Sun Food LLC, AzAgroExport 2017 LLC, Baku Steel Company, Agro-West DC LLC.

In 2020, SOCAR Polymer sold by about 65% more polymers than in 2019. Exports constituted about 87% of total sales and 93% of total production this year. In general, SOCAR Polymer’s exports in 2020 increased by 55% as compared to 2019.