SOCAR Polymer producing the polymer grade used in production of face masks

In May, SOCAR Polymer planned and launched production of the HB2662FS grade of polypropylene which can be applied as feedstock in production of face masks which have become a broadly used item of personal protection means amidst the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. The first batch of this PP homopolymer grade has successfully     passed quality laboratory tests.

The HB2662FS grade of polypropylene is applicable for production of nonwoven materials subsequently used to manufacture protection masks, respirators, disposable medical clothing, sanitary pads for children, furniture fabrics, construction textiles, and even some geotextile types.

It is noteworthy that positive feedback has been received from customers who have laboratory-tested SOCAR Polymer’s first batches of the HB2662FS polymer grade.

The initial production volume of the HB2662FS grade has been 600 tons and may be increased in future.