SOCAR Polymer brings Novruz joy to low-income families

Loyal to the tradition established back in 2016, SOCAR Polymer annually participates in the events organized in support of low-income families through the joint efforts of the Sumgayit city Executive Authority and the Sumgayit branch of the Red Crescent Society (RCS).

This year, too, our company made its contribution to the Novruz holiday initiative undertaken by the Sumgayit branch of the Red Crescent Society despite the impeding coronavirus attack on the country. The format of the event was altered, however, to minimize contamination risks and the festive component was removed from the previous event plan. SOCAR Polymer provided sponsorship support to the event alongside with the Ordubad market, Pasha Insurance and Pasha Life Insurance companies.

A total of 430 families – about three times as many Sumgayit residents – benefitted from the charity event. The SOCAR Polymer company arranged 180 Novruz food-baskets and our Jr. PR Specialist Bakhtiyar Allahverdiyev presented them to the representatives of the invited Sumgayit families. Each basket contained 5 types of foodstuff for cooking delicious dinner in happy celebration of the Novruz holiday.

Opening the event, the chairwoman of the Sumgayit city branch of RCS, Matanat Maharramova briefly greeted the event participants, expressed her and volunteers’ best wishes and gratitude to the sponsor companies. The families in their turn, thanked the organizers and sponsors of the event for the care bestowed and the joy given to so many people on this popular spring holiday.

The presents for people who had not been physically able to attend the event were then delivered to the addressees by the RCS volunteers.