Wood scrap donation continues

In continuation of the charity initiative suggested by the SOCAR Polymer company’s HSE department to support low-income families of local communities and employees, about 14-15 m3 of wood waste was donated to a SOCAR Polymer employee. This initiative is also an opportunity for Company to demonstrate adherence to the internationally recognized waste management core principles, a.k.a. “three R’s”, representing guidance for creating a sustainable life through elimination/reduction of waste.

On 21 February 2020, the HSE department received another employee’s request for permission to use the wood waste accumulated to the north and south-east of the bagging section and final product warehouse. The expressed intention was to use the wood scrap as construction material otherwise unaffordable by the employee to complete the construction of his house, which is hard to accomplish alongside with supporting his family. The family currently resides in a dormitory located in the H.Z.Tagiyev settlement of Baku.

The request was duly considered, involving meeting of the family and inspection of the house construction venue. Then the case was reported to the HSE Manager and Directorate for subsequent decision-making. Approval for donation was given and transportation was organized by the requester on March 31.

Prior to handover each waste item was visually inspected for safety, e.g. protruding nails were removed, and contaminated timber was not released. The donation process was documented and signed by the designated committee members.

SOCAR Polymer is ready and always proud to contribute to the community’s welfare in every possible way.