SOCAR Polymer joined a nationwide initiative

On 6th of December about a hundred of SOCAR Polymer employees gathered in a large unoccupied outdoor area of the plant territory to plant 1500 young trees. Participation in this charitable event with a very good cause demonstrates SOCAR Polymer employees’ willingness not only to serve the goal of Azerbaijan’s industrial and economic development, but also to preserve and enrich the nature.

The event was held in the framework of a broad project envisaging planting of 650,000 trees upon the initiative of Azerbaijan Republic’s first vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva. The project joined by dozens of companies is dedicated to the 650th anniversary of Azerbaijan poet and philosopher Imadeddin Nesimi.

SOCAR Polymer is always ready and eager to join in initiatives aimed at Sumgayit’s landscape improvement and nature’s protection. Since SOCAR Polymer plants’ design development and the very first day of construction, environmental safety has been a priority issue to our company. To evaluate and tackle every factor posing risk to the environment or neighbouring communities, SOCAR Polymer cooperated with the world-famous Golder Associates environmental company. Besides, the plants’ state-of-the-art production technology secures repeated use of hydrocarbons with subsequent complete flaring and prevents harmful exhausts into the atmosphere.