Happy Oilmen’s Day!

On September 20, our country celebrates the Oilmen’s Day which is a professional holiday intended to express appreciation of the work performed by oil and gas industry specialists, engineers, workers, geologists and their leaders. This holiday has been annually celebrated for 25 years and it is no coincidence that it is the same date when the Contract of the Century was signed. The Contract livened up Azerbaijan’s oil and gas industry and gave a start to future economic well-being, endorsing Azerbaijan as a reliable partner in the implementation of various projects within the country and for investing billions into its economy.

The development of our republic’s oil-gas industry in its turn gave an impetus to the growth of the non-oil sector. The oil export revenues were invested into different branches of both domestic and foreign economy. Opportunities emerged for implementing projects in Georgia, Turkey and other countries.

Despite the tremendous progress in the development of the oil and gas industry in our country, the non-oil sector of economy too aims at keeping up with it through rapid development. As a participant of this process and an enterprise contributing into the development of the chemical industry, our company shares the joy of the oilmen on this day, sending them warm greetings and best wishes. Happy professional holiday!