SOCAR Polymer received the diplomatic corps representatives accredited in the Azerbaijan Republic

On January 30, a number of representatives of foreign countries and international organizations accredited in our country visited the SOCAR Polymer plants in Sumgayit city. The visit was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More than 60 representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in our country participated in this visit arranged to closely familiarize them with the development of Sumgayit city. During the trip, the foreign diplomats also visited the SOCAR Polymer Plants which are the residents of the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park. Mr. Farid Jafarov, General Manager of SOCAR Polymer, welcomed the guests of the event and gave the floor to Mr. Zakir Farajov, Head of Sumgayit City Executive Power. Speaking about the historical importance of Sumgayit City, Mr. Zakir Farajov emphasized that Sumgayit has been recognized as an industrial city and that its plants play an important role in the local community life. He also mentioned that the industrial enterprises newly opened here play a special role in addressing the local residents’ unemployment issues. During the event, Mr. F.Jafarov spoke about the history of the SOCAR Polymer Project, its role in the chemical industry and importance for our country. Later on, Mr. Nazim Talibov, Director of the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park, provided information on the existing facilities operating in the Park.