First stage of the internship competition completed

296 people have passed the 1st stage of the internship competition, Screening of Applications, conducted in May of 2019. Over the period of 2016-2018, SOCAR Polymer has granted internship experience to 59 students from 15 different universities. The selected interns who became winners of the internship competition were educated in the Baku Higher Oil School, ADA, Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Economic University, Baku Engineering University, Royal Holloway University of London, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, French-Azerbaijan University, The University of Sheffield, Anadolu University, Eastern Mediterranean University, AGSB University, Bilkent University, University of Nottingham, University of Sheffield, and other educational facilities. Thus, for example, in 2017, 21 interns from 12 different higher education facilities were selected based on the demonstrated level of knowledge and skills in their fields of specialization. 80% (5 people) of the selected interns in 2016, 20% (6 people) in 2017, and 29%(4 people) in 2018 were the students of the Baku Higher Oil School. Top 3 universities whose students most often became finalists of our internship program are BHOS, Baku Engineering University, and ADA university.

5 out of 13 interns in 2016, 15 out of 21 in 2017, and 18 out of 25 in 2018 were offered a job at SOCAR Polymer company upon completion of the internship period.