SOCAR Polymer partook in a charity event

Early in December, SOCAR Polymer representatives attended an event organized by the Sumgayit city branch of the Red Crescent Society of Azerikimya PU to deliver its presents to orphans and families living off charity. The event held under the motto “Hurry to be humane!” In her opening speech, the Chairman of the Sumgayit city branch of the organization, Matanat Maharramova welcomed all the guests and emphasized that the main objective of such events first initiated as far back as 8 years ago has always been rendering assistance to orphans and deprived families in need of aid and support. She thanked each and all of the companies that had joined in this year’s campaign and provided warm clothes and other items of immediate necessity in the winter season. Some 300 people received gifts with clothes, food or other necessary but unaffordable things, such as wheelchairs.

The SOCAR Polymer company’s Public Relations Manager Sona Ramazanova and PR Specialist Ilaha Hajiyeva had spent 2 weeks prior to the charity event, procuring warm boots, coats, scarves, pants and other clothes for 97 orphans aged 3 to 20. An individual bag of presents was assembled for each of the children on the list in accordance with the needs reported by their caretakers such as relatives, school teachers or principals, or local social welfare representatives. At the charity event held in the auditorium of the Azerikimya PU in Sumgayit on December 6, SOCAR Polymer was represented by Ilaha Hajiyeva and Khalida Alimirzayeva who gave the neatly numbered present bags out to happy addressees. The company went as far as offering to exchange the items which weren’t the right size, as some of the clothes had been procured based on the scarce information provided, such as age alone. Thus, some 10 to 15 items were exchanged at the shops for the suitable sizes. The event organizers presented certificates of gratitude to the companies that joined in this charity action, but the best reward are the smiles of the children and realization of the fact that acting with kindness one can change somebody’s life for the better; more so if it is a child’s life.

Exchanging some clothes that did not fit the children, the charity workgroup members of the SOCAR Polymer staff made a better acquaintance of Jahandar Hajiyev, whose parents died in a car accident when he was 3 years old. Jahandar and his younger brother live in their uncle’s family. Curiously enough, Jahandar’s grandfather was in the past an employee of the Ethylene-Polyethylene plant in Sumgayit. Jahandar, in his turn, is dreaming of becoming a sailor and loves reading books about travel and adventures. He is doing very well at school and is an exemplary nephew, as confirmed by his uncle. May all children be taken care of and guided wisely on their way to the broad world outside home. SOCAR Polymer is happy to have made somebody’s day in this winter holiday season.