East plant roads ready for export trucks

The works aimed at paving with asphalt the roads in the east of the PP/HDPE plants have been completed by the Barama company contracted for the purpose. The east roads are intended for heavy trucks transporting polymer products and chemicals to or out of the plant. The contractor provided design, engineering, supply of all materials, tools, equipment, machinery, transportation, supervision, facilities, and all labor and services necessary to build the asphalted truck road and 4 loading bays. The existing rainwater drainage system within the given area was integrated into the extended truck road design. The truck road is designed to enable adequate movement and maneuvering of large trucks. Four loading bays adjacent to the loading/unloading platform are intended for loading polymer products from the Final Product Warehouse to the trucks by forklifts. The loading bays have been protected from aggressive environmental impacts by being painted with a waterproof solution. The Project Director from the PMC company, Guy Lombarts presented to the Director of the Barama company, Yusif Hajiyev a certificate of gratitude for the successful completion of works under the contract. The plant roads are now ready to support transportation of polymers for export!