SOCAR Polymer signs quadruple MoU

By the impact of the Polypropylene production facility launched into operation in July 2018, a conference – Within the value chain: from feedstock to end-customer product – convened at the Baku Business Centre in Baku on Saturday, July 28, and brought together representatives of national rubber and plastic manufacturing industries as well as regulatory bodies to discuss ways the SOCAR Polymer multiplication effect could be best implemented for the benefit of stakeholders and Azerbaijan economy. The PP plant is the first phase of SOCAR Polymer, Azerbaijan’s largest national petrochemical project in operation to date. Under the patronage of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Economy, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Azerbaijan Agency for the support of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, SOCAR Polymer LLC and the national plastics industry representatives, pertaining to the uptake of the domestically produced Polypropylene and High-Density Polyethylene by the manufacturers of end customer products.
The event featured a keynote address by deputy Minister of Economy Niyazi Safarov as well as speeches by Nazim Talybov, Director General of the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, and Orkhan Mamedov, Director of the Azerbaijan Agency for the Support of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Addressing the Conference participants, Mr. Talybov of SCIP underscored the magnitude of Azerbaijan’s investment into the five national industrial parks over the past few years at $2.6 billion, as well as the capacity of these parks to generate jobs. “In 2011, about 10,000 people were expected to work in industrial parks; today, however, there are 11,000 of them. Over 7,500 more jobs will be created in industrial parks in the near future", Mr. Talybov said. The event’s featured speaker Mr. Farid Jafarov, General Manager of SOCAR Polymer LLC, made a presentation on a broad versatility of PP and HDPE application for end-customer product manufacture: construction as a premium sector, as well as the production of electronics, food industries, manufacture of medical and household appliances, furniture, toys, textiles, stationery, sport gear, etc. Mr. Jafarov emphasized that the primary goal of the SOCAR Polymer project is to phase out import dependencies in polypropylene and high-density polyethylene, which used to be purchased from abroad before the Polymer project was put to life. “The domestic market’s well-being is a priority for SOCAR Polymer”, Mr. Jafarov said. “By year 2021, we plan to reach a combine total capacity of 570 KTA. Azerbaijan enterprises may capitalize on the opportunity to use our proper PP and HDPE as feedstock for manufacturing the end-customer products. We are willing and prepared to provide technical support to the interested parties, and forge long-standing partnerships”, he added. The SOCAR Polymer Team led by Mr. Jafarov included Messrs. Fuad Ahmedov, Vugar Aslanov, Rovshan Sadygov, Babek Beydullayev and Rouslan Huseynov. Mr. Aydin Kerimov, Director of Metak LLC, and Mr. Gulagha Abyshov, Director of El-Plastics LLC each spoke in turn on behalf of the national plastics manufacturer community. The Conference was also attended by Messrs. Vidadi Rustamov, Rasim Atakishiyev, and Parvin Jafarov, representing the Marketing Department of Polymer’s parent company SOCAR. The entrepreneurial community was represented by Fizuli Jabbarov, the founder and Director of FUND-PLAST INC. LLC; Arzu Namazova, Director of Azlitbalkan BM LLC; Samir Alizade, founder of ZZ Procurement LLC; Araz Guliyev, deputy Director of Azercan LLC; Teyyub Jafarov, the founder of ATC Company LLC; Matlab Aliyev, Director of Interplast-A LLC; Sabuhi Mammadov, Director of Fostanpak LLC; Javad Mubariz, Director of KLAUS-PLAST LLC; Tural Aliyev, Director of Finance at Samurai Company; Elkhan Asgarov, the founder of Texnolayn LLC; Samad Hajiyev, deputy Director of AKABE LLC; Anar Hajizade, deputy General Director of Sumgait Technologies Park LLC; Tofig Mammadov, Director of Azertexnolayn LLC; Kenan Najafov, Director of SumPlast LLC; Samira Huseynova, Director of Diamed Co; Afet Najafov, Director of "" LLC; Aydin Kerimov, Director of Metak LLC; and Gulagha Abyshov, Director of El-Plastic Ltd.