SOCAR Polymer in Baku Marathon-2018

For three running years, SOCAR Polymer has remained loyal to the tradition of participating in annual Baku marathons which aim at increasing public involvement in sports, propagating healthy lifestyle, and encouraging people’s participation in collective charity campaigns. The money collected at “Baku Marathon 2018” has been directed towards the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s orphan care project. The vice-president of the Foundation, Leyla Aliyeva, too, participated in the marathon along with Arzu Aliyeva and 18,000 more runners from different parts of Azerbaijan, as well as from Europe, Central Asia, Middle and Far East, CIS, Baltic Sea countries, and even Latin America, not to mention the representatives of a dozen foreign embassies in Baku.

Organized at the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation with the support of the Seaside Boulevard Office and the Baku Olympics Stadium, the marathon started at the National Flag Square at 10:00, with a maximum of 4.5 hours set for runners to cover the 21 km distance to the finish line at the Baku Olympic Stadium. For the length of its route, this run can be referred to as a half-marathon.

There were buses provided specifically for picking up exhausted runners at five bus stops along the route to drive them to the finish line. Medical aid and water supply were also provided at different points of the running track.

SOCAR Polymer staff members were highly encouraged by the company management to participate in such an energizing sportive event. On May 13, more than 40 sportive members of the SOCAR Polymer team, both office and site employees, assembled at the National Flag Square for the marathon run. Compared to the previous year, the participation rate had tripled and many of our runners made it to the finish line, to receive a medal and a certificate from SOCAR Polymer for this achievement.