First stage of the Inspiring the Youngest project completed

Upon completion of the first trial stage of the Inspiring the Youngest project, SOCAR Polymer’s PR team summarized and evaluated its results against the set targets. The project objective was to make schoolchildren aware of the practical use of the knowledge gained in chemistry classes, to uncover the curious and fun parts of the chemistry science, and, most importantly, to inspire the young generation of Azerbaijan, where the chemical industry is on the rise, to take interest in and choose professions in the field of chemistry. Apart from that, the schoolchildren got a chance to learn about the SOCAR Polymer company, and polymers in particular.

Supported by the Baku Education Office, this social and educational Project has encompassed public schools number 244, 253, 273 and 53 located in the Binagadi, Garadagh and Yasamal districts, and the private Azerbaijan British College in Baku. The project events held at the mentioned education facilities have benefitted more than 150 children who realized that chemical reactions take place every second in our daily life, both in the environment and human body; that chemistry is a broad science and the chemical industry plays an important role in modern life. Thus, for instance, they learned that polymers were hard enough to be used in bulletproof vests and that many things around them were composed of natural or synthetic polymers.

To make a stronger impression on the schoolchildren, the presentations were given by our young colleagues, Nizam Zahidli and Sevinj Gafarli. These junior process engineers who had scored high at university entrance exams and completed SOCAR Polymer’s Summer Internship program to get subsequently selected for an early career start have set good examples for schoolers to follow.

The idea to initiate the “Inspire the Youngest” project stemmed out of the Action Plan for the implementation of the “State Program on the development of industry in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2015-2020” signed by President Ilham Aliyev on 26 December 2014. Among the main objectives of the state program were “improvement of human resources and promotion of science” (item 5.4) and “bringing the HR development processes in education facilities into conformity with the demands of the labour market” (item 5.4.5).

The project’s video report can be viewed at SOCAR Polymer company’s official youtube channel.