SOCAR Polymer launched test production of polypropylene

On February 27, the SOCAR’s president Rovnag Abdullayev and vice-presidents visited the SOCAR Polymer production site at SCIP to view the SOCAR Polymer plant and directly witness the status of works. On the same day, they also visited the Azerikimya PU and Carbamide Plant to discuss preparations for start-up operations.

During the bus tour round the PP plant area, the visitors were informed about the different sections of the plant and their functions. Then, the extrusion section was presented to their view, with brief description of the equipment installed therein. The PP plant’s Dry Section performs the function of turning dry PP powder into pellets of a certain PP grade by mixing the powder with respective additives/ingredients and extruding pellets. The visitors were invited to witness a test production of PP pellets through extrusion of the polypropylene mass into spaghetti form and wet cutting of pellets with subsequent drying and cooling. The objective of the test-run was to commission and test the operability of the Dry Section of the PP plant.

The test production was successful, and the SOCAR management gave positive feedback regarding the status of presented works.

In celebration of this important milestone achievement, gratitude was expressed to all the teams who had made their contribution, including SOCAR Polymer, Fluor, Kinetics Technology, and subcontractor teams.

After the site visit, the representatives of respective SOCAR Polymer departments made presentations of the accomplished tasks performed to support and enable the successful construction and operation of the plants.

The presentations made a good impression on the SOCAR management representatives, and the agenda for the day was successfully completed.