The Netherlands’ ambassador visited SOCAR Polymer’s Plant

On 23 January 2018, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Onno Kervers accompanied by his Senior Trade Adviser Gunel Mahmudova visited SOCAR Polymer’s construction site. The guests were received by the Project Manager (from the PMC company – Fluor) Guy Lombarts, the General Construction Manager, John Arrowsmith, and the PR Specialist of SOCAR Polymer, Ilaha Hajiyeva.

The guests expressed interest in possible cooperation opportunities between the industrial sectors of the two countries. Mr.Lombarts presented information on Fluor’s role in the project, demonstrated two short presentation movies that described the SOCAR Polymer company’s current and future ambitious projects, and spoke of the achievements made to date. Mr.Arrowsmith gave information on the current status of the construction works at SOCAR Polymer’s industrial site in Sumgayit, outlined the main principles adhered to in the company, regarding the continuous development of the local labour-force in general, including operator trainings, internship programs, English language classes, etc. Having been previously employed in Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Russia and other countries, Mr.Arrowsmith positively noted that, from the educational point of view, Azerbaijan is some 25 years ahead of some other former Soviet republics he had worked in before.

Following an interesting and animated discussion, the meeting participants donned PPE to make a tour round the plant area, taking advantage of the good weather.